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Participating networks

The conference was organized by following the four networks of the Programme "Climate Change Impacts, Adaptation and Mitigation in Nordic Primary Industries":

Nordic Research Network on Animal Genetic Resources in the Adaptation to Climate Change (AnGR-NordicNET) contributes towards developing a Nordic knowledge-base for policy making and research strategies for the conservation and utilization of animal genetic resources (AnGR) within adaptation and mitigation issues.

Nordic Forage Crops Genetic Resource Adaptation Network (NOFOCGRAN)
develops knowledge, methods and germplasm as the basis for future development of cultivars of perennial forage grasses and legumes adapted to the expected changing climates.

Sustainable Primary Production in a Changing Climate
develops common and regionally tailored measures and strategies, plant material and decision making tools for the future Nordic:
  • Plant health
  • Conservation, adaptation and utilisation of genetic resources
  • Adaptation and mitigation in the cereal production system
  • Sustainable biomass production
Arctic char; A species under threat and with great potentials in the age of climate change (NORDCHAR) uses new genetic methodologies as well as conventional life history ecology methods to make model-based analyses on the effects of climate change.